1g dynamics websiteWe are pleased to announce that Vibratech its assets and employees have now become part of 1G Dynamics.

Vibratech will be joined in this strategic alliance by another vibration equipment service organisation CVMSL. The transfer was officially signed by all parties on July 4th 2017 and both companies are now working as 1G Dynamics

The newly formed company will be able to offer our customers an increased range of services to enhance our position as leading providers of service solutions for the many customers we both work with at the moment.

The directors and shareholders of 1G Dynamics recognise the potential to improve our service provision by using the knowledge and experience of the combined workforce.

All employees will continue to work in their current roles so our customers will still be dealing with the staff they have always dealt with whilst behind the scenes our engineering staff will ensure the delivery and quality of our supplies will remain consistent with level of support our customers are used to.
In essence customers will be able to access the same level of service and services delivered by the same people using the same equipment.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the new company and what we can offer you are welcome to call Trevor Deards or your normal point of contact.

Trevor John Deards

Customer Service Director 1G Dynamics