Latest Vibration News

New V830-185

1g supplies their first new V830-185 armature assy using state of the art magnesium castings and machined to high specification on a 4 axis vertical machining center.

1g Manufacturing G Series 220 & 230

1g have just taken delivery of our latest G series range covering g-230 & g-240 body sets. Units will shortly be fully inspected and approved for manufacturing.

New LING LE395/612

July 2020 has been a busy month with the additional introduction of the LING LE395/612 armature, now machined and ready for final inspection.

New LE B335 Armatures

1g dynamics continue to increase their range of armatures with the introduction of the LE B335 Armature. This armature also uses a well-engineered water-cooled system with an outer Carbon fibre skin, giving a strong and durable light weight performance.

New V830-335 Armatures

1g dynamics takes delivery of another high quality V830-335 armature frame following casting and machining at our key suppliers.  1g’s engineering and supply chain capability means that we can supply original armature frames for almost any shaker from more than 30 years old to current day.  All frames go through an x-ray inspection process as

1g dynamics Fully Operational

1g dynamics remains fully operational to support our Customers.  From providing spare parts, rewinding armatures to on-site service.  Our engineers are equipped with PPE to fully comply with both Government and Customer guidelines.  Working internally and on Customer’s site we observe strict social distancing rules for the protection of all personnel. Thank you for your