Latest Vibration News

1g dynamics New Build August Update

Since the last update in July, 1g dynamics have now completed the exterior cladding and groundwork. We are now in the process of progressing with the internal works.

1g dynamics New Build Brickwork Progress

July 2019 sees the completion of the external brickwork and the beginning of the internal structure, whilst we wait for the completion of the external cladding.

1g dynamics New Build Floor Progress Update

1g dynamics have now completed the foundations of the internals on the new building. Due to customers requests we have incorporated an isolated, high grade reinforced floor to fulfil our future projects, with the edition of a power float finished floor.

New 440mm Armatures and Degauss Coils

1g dynamics are now able to design and develop new armatures and degauss coils using the latest technology available. Allowing 1g to support all major manufactures replacement parts worldwide.

1g dynamics New Build Progress Update

March 2019 has since seen the first stages of the new 1g dynamics facilities. Photos below showing fast progress on a much-needed additional space due to demands and new project requirements.

1g dynamics New UK Facility Expansion

Since June 2017 1g dynamics has continued to show rapid growth internally and customer based. Due to this, 1g dynamics are now in the process of expanding our existing site with the addition of a new 2580 square foot fully operational UK manufacturing facility’ early in 2019. With the introduction of the new building 1g