System Upgrades

System UpgradesVibration test systems represent a major investment by the owners. With correct operation and suitable maintenance they will provide very long service lives. When the time does come to consider renewing fundamental parts of a system, 1g-dynamics can offer a complete advice, supply and installation service.

Often it is the power amplifier which needs to be replaced as many models of linear or early switching amplifiers are becoming difficult to repair and many component parts are becoming redundant. The key benefits of renewing the amplifier are increased time between failures, reduced time to repair and greater operating efficiency. Eliminating the water-cooling used on earlier linear amplifiers greatly simplifies system maintenance. Also the floor space required is reduced, compared to earlier amplifiers.

1g-dynamics has recent experience of supplying and installing new power amplifiers of up to 200kVA output rating to a major satellite manufacturer. A designated engineer, who will see the contract through from initial quotation to final acceptance test and sign-off, manages projects such as this. This gives the customer the highest level of confidence that the work will be carried out efficiently and the final system will achieve the expected system performance.

Other system upgrades, which 1g-dynamics is well equipped to provide, can include additional slip-tables, head-expanders, new vibration controllers, or integrating a system with a climatic chamber.