Careers & Apprenterships

We believe in training

Careers and apprenticeshipsApprenticeships: Training young people in the skills required throughout 1 g dynamics is an important part of our business development. Over the years the company has taken on several trainees and will continue to do so, ensuring knowledge and skills are passed on to sustain and grow the company.


The combination of high power electronics, large mechanical structures and sometimes oil and water has the potential to create many safety hazards. 1g-dynamics’s first priority is safety. This includes the safety of everyone who will be using or observing the system and the safety of the 1g-dynamics service engineers. All service engineers have been trained in safe methods of work, and can assess the risks that are or may be present.

All work is carried out under a quality system registered to ISO9001:2015

If you are interested in becoming part of our dynamic team please contact us directly.